Prayer to Father of Sowa Rigpa, the Traditional Medicine system of the himalayan regions of India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Buryatia, Siberia, and Mongolia

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Traditional Medicine

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Our Consultation Services

We  offer a traditional approach to wellness consultation through adherence  to the traditional system of Sowa Rigpa (translated as Science of  Healing").  Sowa Rigpa(Traditional Tibetan Medicine), is recognized by  the WHO as a bonafide and effective  traditional healing art, and is  more than 1,000 years old in its current form though it traces its roots  of diagnostic techniques,  medicines and therapies back thousands of  years before that, being influenced by the folk traditions of the early  Bon people of Tibet and Mongolia, Chinese Medicine, Unani(Greek  Medicine), Siddha Medicine(indigenous healing system from South India)  and Ayurveda.  It utilizes dietary and lifestyle advice, with internal  and external therapies and remedies.  It is a holistic system  specifically oriented for both body and mind.

Medical Expert Testimonials

"Gunasilan appeared to be a smart and  compassionate person. Hence I trusted in his ability to treat my  condition. I was suffering from diarrhea, light headedness and a mild trembling  sensation. There was no obvious cause from modern medicine's  perspective. He fixed this through Tibetan medicine, massage and  acupuncture. Also I was so impressed by these treatments that now I am  myself studying Tibetan medicine. He has also helped cure a viral cold, a  strep throat and my wife's laryngitis. These things could not have been  fixed so rapidly with Western medicine.  I have no doubt that   Gunasilan could help cure many illnesses that modern medicine cannot.  Also, he is open to using Tibetan medicine as a complementary treatment  in conjunction with western medicine or indeed any other therapy."
dr Cormac FitzGerald MD, FRCGPNZ   (New Zealand)"

"I came to Gunasilan with skin rash and chronic digestive complaints.  He gave me a thorough examination and I followed his suggestions and used the traditional remedies.  After that first day of seeing him, my problem disappeared and never returned."

Aurora Sage, Netherlands

"I went to see Gunasilan after I had experienced digestive problems for about half a year.  I had made major lifestyle changes, including changes in my diet.  These changes however, resulted in an imbalanced digestion, and I was suffering from diarrhea for about 6 months, lost a lot of weight, and experienced pain and pressure in my lower bowel area.  I had been to several western allopathic medical doctors, done colonoscopy and had investigations for allergies.  But no one could find anything.  After seeing Gunasilan, I have never experienced these problems again, my digestion stabilized and the pressure and pain in my bowels disappeared.  He is very skilled and carries a lot of knowledge and Wisdom.  I have trust for him, he is easy to talk with and be transparent with.

dr Lina Dekan, PhD.  (Sweden)

About Gunasilan

Integrative Experience

Natural Remedies, Indigenous healing, Indigenous medicine, traditional healing natural therapies

  • Gunasilan has a wide scope of  practical and clinical experience with different natural remedies and alternative holistic healing..  He has experience in  modalities from Radionics, Reiki, "Soul retrieval", raw food / juicing,  fasting , bioterrain analysis, Craniosacral Therapy and Live-blood  analysis/observation, to Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine.  He has  apprenticed in the clinics of physical therapists, master Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, and doctors of Unani, Siddha, Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine(Sowa  Rigpa) .  He spent 7 years living and travelling in South America, Asia and the far East.  His studies have taken him through Europe, India, Indonesia, Nepal and parts of China that were once the country of Tibet.
  • In  addition to his general practice he operates free clinics for persons  that are economically challenged, and gives public presentations on the  history and basic foundations of Sowa Rigpa.


Gunasilan  studied at University level as a Biology major in the early 1990's for  almost 4 years.   Being discontent with the  curriculum, he  continued studying at the University for several more  years, though it was always with the focus from many different  healing modalities that he studied.  In the late 1990's he began  practicing UL Craniosacral therapy, and deepened his knowledge of  Ayurveda working as a yoga teacher and therapist at the Growing Edge in  Big Sur, CA.  He first visited India, China, Nepal and Tibet in 1991.   He received certificate of 500 hour study from National Institute of  Ayurvedic Medicine in 1998,  and studied Pancha Karma under Dr Vishundas  Kannan of Kerala, India in 2004.  In 2010 he began his formal studies in Sowa Rigpa and immediately began replacing many Naturopathic approaches  he was utilizing in his clinics, with the traditional remedial measures  of Sowa Rigpa.  In the summers of 2013 and 2014 Gunasilan studied  and practiced external therapies of Sowa Rigpa in Amdo, Tibet at a  famous all Sowa Rigpa Hospital in Malo, under the direction of his  primary teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.  His  thorough knowledge of various modern alternative healing modalities  allows him to understand his clients' journeys of healing and wellness,  and offer them practical advice accordingly.

Why Chose Sowa Rigpa?


After almost two decades of study in both modern alternative healing,  and indigenous healing arts, Gunasilan decided to focus his studies in  Sowa Rigpa.   Why?    

More  than 1,000 years ago, Sowa Rigpa, known as the "Sages Medicine System",  fused the best of the indigenous  medicine systems in Europe, the Middle East and Asia at a time when they were strong and in tact:  

*Unani , an ancient Greek and Persian medicine system originating through ancient Egypt, *Chinese Medicine,*Siddha Medicine of the ancient southern Indian Dravidian Culture, *Ayurveda, from ancient Vedic India and the folk healing traditions of the Tibetan plateau.  

      Refined over many generations through powerful spiritual masters of  medicine and yoga, Sowa Rigpa became an effective holistic system for  both body and mind.  Utilizing dietary and lifestyle  recommendations, complex purifications of plants and minerals compounded  in highly specialized processes, as well as a variety of external  therapies to balance body energy, and restore physical and psychological  balance, Sowa Rigpa integrates the best of ancient traditions and  delivers efficient results.['/o

Preparation for Consultation

Collect Your Urine


Collect the first urine of the  morning IF you woke up in the middle of the previous night and urinated.    Bring in the SECOND urine of the day if you did not wake up in the  middle of the night to pee. 

Limit these things the Day before


No sex, drugs, strong spicy food,alcohol or exhaustive exercises for at least one day before consultation.

Medical / Supplement History


  You will be asked to provide your  medical history, current and past medications, supplements, and  alternative remedies or treatments that you have had.

   Gunasilan will ask any pertinent  questions regarding your general complaints and will inspect your Urine  sample, touch your spine and feel your pulse.  He may also take your blood pressure, or give you a glucometer to help you measure your blood sugar level.

If time permits your consultation could include some  external therapy which could include Copper Cupping, Acupuncture, Moxibustion,  gentle massage, Accupressure, Yuk-cho(stick tapping therapy), or  Horme(mongolian moxibustion).