ENTHEOGEN is a Greek word which means "to generate the God within", and refers to substances, normally derived from plants. They have been recognized around the world for their merit in healing. . Indigenous traditions do not see a natural separation between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Seen as an integrated whole, entheogens are used by many traditional doctors for their ability to address the root of many health issues.


By definition entheogens are medicines.  They are a natural remedy in indigenous healing, in simple terms, and from an indigenous point of view, they primarily affect the "WIND" of the individual, Their ability to create seemingly miraculous cures should thus not be surprising.  Controversy exists about their prescribed use due to deaths and mental issues associated with inexperienced and unsupervised use.   These substances in general can be very strong, some inducing extremely altered states of consciousness for days.   The knowledge of dosage, contraindications, and dangerous interactions with other medicines and foods, are often overlooked or even unknown to many who "experiment" with these substances.  Whether a healing ceremony,  ritual setting or recreational use, well trained guides are hard to find, and many mistakenly claim to have deep knowledge in traditional medical or spiritual application.  Most of these are categorized with the most illegal drugs known. Unfortunately, little knowledge is sought out by the conventional legal authorities, and the misuse and observed side effects of abuse has kept them on that list.  Great efforts are being made to expose their value in many diseases, and there is undoubtedly great potential in their intelligent use.  

Most of These traditional natural remedies are considered to be illegal controlled subtances.



Mixture of DMT plant source and a plant source of an inhibitor to the bodies ability to breakdonw the DMT.  Results in long insightful, (and if abused, perhaps delusional) experiences.  Known for increasing focus in career as well as incredible healing on every level.  Some tribes use a lot, and some very little, however most tribes in South America are aware of this combination.  Some tribes use this as well as other entheogens as a  last result if other natural healing methods are not working.  The DMT is also found in a special "Bofu" frog.  This form of DMT is very potent and users feel it is like a book, compared to the normal DMT experience which could be likened to simple a page in the book.


Cactus used by Native American Chruch as a sacrament.  Traditionally used in visionary transformative ceremonies - called Huachmua in South America.


One of the most common mushroom components is psilocybin, though there are many others.



Currently one of the most popular, well known and sought after for extreme addiction alleviation - many success testimonies for its positive removal of Heroin and Cocaine addiction..

This is known to be a three day event,

retracing details of ones life back to when they were born, and realigning the person  with their ultimate individual purpose.  This is considered to be one of the strongest entheogenic therapies currently available.

There are many psychoactive substances all over the world that are less known and sometimes mixed with more common entheogenic psychoactive plants


Mushrooms, Syrian Rue, etc

I have just mentioned a few common Entheogens.  Please watch Yashpal's video covering some of the most common Entheogens now being tried by many ill people that wish to try a different route to conventional resources.

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