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Please remember that it is important to consult with your physician if treating  a disease or medical condition.  Any suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice but are simply to share the knowledge of ancient medical systems on how to support the bodies own natural system of restoring balance according to  the indigenous cosmology.  We are not recommending the treatment of any disease nor are we prescribing "medicine".


Pomegranate Restores Digestion


the rarest and purest traditional therapeutic perfumes



Aquilaria agollocha

This  was one of the oldest and most prized substances used for incense in the ancient world.  Its aroma was believed to help manifest the wishes of the one who  possessed it. In traditional medicine it has been used for more than a  thousand years for reducing stress and balancing the "WIND" in the  body. 

it is the main ingredient in these formulas.

*********DIFFICULTY SLEEPING*********

Agarwood formulas all help sleep improve.

Depending on the reasons and the 

associated disorders, Agarwood helps to

reinstate stable response mechanisms of the WIND, creating more efficient support of all bodily functions.  

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Pure Essential Oil Therapeutic Perfumes

Natural remedies perfume.  Natural perfumes pure organic non toxic perfumes, natural essential oils.

Restore Healthy Digestion

Natural remedies for digestion.  Natural healing for digestion.

Relieve Stress

Natural remedies for stress and tension.     Holistic healing for stress.

Protect and Support Liver

Natural remedy for liver disorders.  Natural holistic remedies for liver and gallbladder.

Relieve Congestion

Natural remedies for congestion.

Feminine Support

Natural Remedies for women's health issues.