Traditional Therapies

Copper Cupping

Cupping is used worldwide in many different indigenous traditions.  Some of the oldest traditions use horns, and some use cups made of wood.  Sowa Rigpa uses Copper cups which give the opportunity to heat the cups and drive heat into the body where coldness has mistakenly taken root.  Used to pull "wind" out of the body, to help balance wind, and sometimes to help balance fire. 

Yuk Cho

natural remedy, ancient therapy, indigenous medicine

Tapping of specializied sticks made according to traditional specs, allows the "wind" of the body to be efficiently calmed down.  An ancient technique that is very effective and very deeply inducing stress-relief.  Bolus' at the end of the stick have special herbs to enhance the effect.

Horme - Mongolian Moxibustion

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Bolus/pouch of medicinal spices/herbs are heated in oil and then applied to specialized points for specific effects.

Siddha Spinal Massage

Natural Remedy

Unique spinal massage used in the Siddha Medicine tradition to enhance health, reduce stress, and optimize strength.  This traditional massage has immediate benefits, having its origin in the ancient martial arts of southern India, and the Varma system of therapy.


Natural remedy

Massage oriented through the Sowa Rigpa system of health and balance.

Craniosacral Therapy


Upledger Craniosacral therapy is a unique restorative gentle therapy calming and balancing the subtle movements of fluids and tissues in the body that naturally occurs when blockages to their movements are removed..