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How we perceive ourselves as being connected within our community is a major factor in relationships

We need to be very aware about our interaction and our alone time.  Between these two there is a created perspective everyone shares that remains in check.  Too much interaction and too much isolation can create  an imbalance for not just ourselves but for others as well.  We may be in a partnership, single, or in open relationship.  Regardless of what situation we are in we remain a part of a greater whole which is our community, our town, our city,  etc...We may not ever talk to some, or go to the same places to spend time, or the same businesses etc...but we are reliant on their activities, and they on ours.  By bringing more balance into our relationships we can see balance elsewhere where before there may not have been.  In this time there is an ebb and flow, and sometimes the "outside" world seems pretty crazy.  We can calm ourselves and have a small positive effect on the outside by keeping balance in our lives.   Even if we are a monk we have relationship with our teacher.  

There are so many good advice out there about healthy relationships.  If we want more intimacy we must offer better communication - this has been a great lesson for me personally, and I have found wonderful results in being open about personal needs and desires with those I seek deeper relations with.  In any health situation, deepening the sense of community and friendship and removing tints of loneliness will benefit most if not all conditions.  Understanding our unique need for space and our need for interaction is up to us.  If we are needing to help another, we should be keenly aware of what might be keeping them in isolation when they really want interaction.  Soft speech, talks with friends, these help calm the wind and restore the sense of more time and more options.  This in itself can give the needed area for the body  or bodies to adapt and compensate without any hindrance. Equanimity,, love, compassion and joy , the four imeasureables spoken of in Buddhism, are known to dissolve the boundaries that constrain us.  These are wishes for others - that all beings - infinite in number,  may experience boundless compassion, boundless love, and boundless joy.  This rests on the foundation  of equanimity.  For this equanimity to develop we must familiarize our self with our own minds and heart...How we feel, how we think,the patterns of our habitual interactions...By familiarizing without judgement, and resting in that self knowledge, the equanimity can be created to establish a firm attitude that will result in deeper and more meaningful relationships, , bearing fruit as better health in our life, and others..  Practice makes perfect, and when we are alone, we can try meditation or prayer for others' well being as a means to develop our relationship with our self.

The General Cause of Disease is Due to Ignorance

Ignorance that we are always interconnected and interdependent.

Whether we forget or simply do not know it, everything in the universe is connected and interdependent.  No one can be isolated., Even though we may believe that we are alone., Because it is not possible to be disonnected, when we feel or believe that we are disconnected, forgetting the nature of life's interdependence, we react to situations - especiallly when they affirm our interdependence.  

Ignorance that everything is always changing

When we forget that everything obviously always is changing, we react.

Our reactions due to ignorance of interdependence and ignorance of the changing nature of everything, result in the development of particular routes of emotional and mental energy..


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