3 things to remember about Healthy Diet & Behavior

How are you doing?

If you can tell that you are hot, cold, or spun out or a mix of these things, it can help you decide the best kinds of food to eat.

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What are you doing?

Depending on what you are doing, what you chose to eat will either encourage health or be an obstacle to it.  So what are you doing and how does that effect your diet choice?

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What's up with the weather and the season?

Is it Spring? or some other season?  IS it hot or cold outside?  Is it windy?

These factors all make a difference, including your age and the time of day!!!

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How are you doing?

Are you hot?


Symptoms of being hot would be diarrhea, discomfort 20 to 30 minutes after you eat, bitter taste in the mouth, yellowish coatingon the tongue, red eyes, and short tempered.  If these sound like how you are doing then you should be cautious around spicy food, and oily and fried food.  Eat bitter taste, and astringent or even a little sweet.  If there is wind too be careful about too much bitters...Best time for bitters wou d be in the afternoon and you can also use saffron water to drink if you have saffron.  Boil water, let it cool and then drink it.  Butter, ghee or cocontu oil good.  Don't exercise too heavy, just enough till you sweat.  Don't exercise until your completely exhausted.

Are you windy?


If you feel discomfort on empty stomach before you eat, have constipation or irregular bowel movements, irregular sleeping cycles, stretch and yawn a lot, have pain that changes location, and are cold then you are probably windy.  Do you have cracks in your tongue?? Its like being stressed and spun out.  Use warm foods, soupy and easy to digest foods.  Stay away from light and rough stuff, use some oily stuff.  Sweets and heavy things good as long as you can digest it - dont overload your system, but dont go hungry or empty..  Rest and talk with friends, and stay out of the wind. Don't get too dry.  If you are not sleeping good, take a teaspoon o fnutmeg with warm water before you go to sleep.  Sex would be a good medicine for you if you have that option, but dont go crazy, just find how to rest and relax and get a good sleep.  Don't exercise until your completely exhausted, just until you sweat..

Are you cold?


Other than just being cold in temperature, look at how slow you are, how confused you are, and how closed minded you might be.  Constipation is there a lot.  Peeing a lot is there too.  But discomfort as you eat is a good sign that you are cold.  Do you feel heavy?  Isyour tonguecoated with a white moist covering.  These signs help indicate thatyou should lay off the sweets, and heavy oily fatty foods.  A little seed oil is ok, but especially butter and coconut oil is a no.  A little spice would do you nice.  Be careful of too much salt, a little is ok, and sour and astringent also good tastes.  If you dont already try using soe black pepper, and the morning time is one of the best times to help yoursefl to hot spicy drink and food.  Heavy exercise as much as you can handle would be good, especially in the morning.

What are you doing?

Heavy hot work?


If you are working in the hot sun, breaking dry ground, stressed and confronting people and things with decisiveness and sharpness...even aggressiveness to get things done, then you should realize that that activity is making you hot.  Be cautious and take the advice under the "Are you hot" section above.

Exhausting stressful work?


Stressing out with too many things on hand -overloaded with attention span, and too many things at once?  Are you nervous?  Are you getting fearful?  Anxious?  Are you standing in the wind?  Are you having to deal with an overload of emotion, and feeling dry?  You are probably windy and should take some of the suggestions found in the "Are you windy?" section above.

Chillin like a villain.


Are you lazy, tired, depressed?  Are you not doing anything, and not wanting to either?  Feeing stuck and slow?  Probably should take the suggestions in the "Areyou cold?" section above and put them to use right away.  Sounds like you are cold...

What is up with the weather?

Hot weather.


Look at "Are you hot?" section at top to see more results of hot weather.

Windy weather.


Look up "Are you windy?" section above at the top to see more results of windy weather.

Cold weather.


Look up "Are you cold?" above at the top to see more results of cold weather.