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Integrative Traditional Medicine

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If you wish, We will work with both you and your physician.

Traditional Therapies

Natural remedy cupping.  Holistic healing cupping.  Traditional medicine cupping

Trained in a variety of natural remedies steeped in indigenous modalitie, Gunasilan primarily uses those therapies classically used in Sowa Rigpa.


Traditional Wellness Recommendations


Half hour phone consultation  $60.00

In person,  "in-House" consultation  $85

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Distilling & Blending Pure OiIs

Natural remedy essential oil, holistic essential oil therapy, traditional essential oil distillation

$25/hour  for Distillation Services.... From receiving plant material to bottling  usually takes 5 to 6 hours per run, Capacity of distiller: 13 gallons  of plant material in one run. Amount of final essential oil depends on  source material. Essential oils/perfumes are available for custom  blending(($75/hour). Already distilled essential oils and hydrosols are also  available upon request.

Featured Products

FREE YOUR HEART AT LAST! Ancient Himalayan Natural Remedy for the Heart In Process of Awakening

This medicinal perfume is based on an ancient Himalayan internal medicine that eases heart disorders - spiritually, physically and emotionally...It releases tensions and processes through dreaming.  The Heart is the center of consciousness and this therapeutic blend of oils is a rare find you will only find here.   Contains purest and hard to acquire spice and wood oils, such as high end Agarwood oils blended during New Moon. 

"The Heart oil I got from Gunasilan is the highest quality oil that I have ever seen.  Magically hand made super rare oils well worth every penny.  
Gunasilan brings his alchemical wizardry and high level education in herbalism and Traditional medicine.  His oils are pure and natural magic with powerful healing qualities.  "

 - Forest Schrodt (Movement Therapist,  Healing arts Director and retreat coordinator/owner of Bali Flow Temple.)



Indigenous Medicine is not just from the Americas, Africa, or within only tribal social structures.  

We are working hard to help clear the confusion of people who think that if it doesn't have a feather, drum and mind altering substance, then its not indigenous medicine.  

At the same time we are working to help those people that are familiar with natural remedies of indigenous traditions such as Chinese Medicine, understand that the key concepts and foundational world view is based on the same ideas of natural interconnectedness.  

In fact, even in ancient indigenous medical texts, such as the Charaka Samhita of Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine),  advanced students are encouraged to take up residency in tribal communities where the people daily utilize  their knowledge of natural medicine..  

Sowa Rigpa is also known traditionally as the medicine of the Sages. Historically, genius Yogi-Saints combined their medical systems from around the world, headed by perhaps the greatest mystic healer known - Yuthok, literally meaning "Turquoise Roof". It is W.H.O. recognized as the indigenous healing system that has been in use in its current form for more than a thousand years in Eastern Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and the himalayan regions of India.

Promoting the understanding of a single indigenous cosmology  that is shared by all peoples (read my book at bottom of page) is our goal and we use this understanding in consideration of any recommendations.   

We recognize the existence of diversity and appreciate it. But under the mask of all traditions is the same life and even the simple ideas are useful., not to mention basically the same everywhere.

If you are looking for opportunities to experience traditional healing therapies outside of your country, we can help direct you according to your needs.  

Whether for detoxification or rejuvenation we can help.  

Simple Solutions

Caring For Health

Natural remedy, holistic medicine, natural lifestyle.

How to care for health and prevent disease according to Traditional Indigenous Medicine concepts.  The basic principles.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedy, holistic medicine,

Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced.   Beginning with simple spices found in the kitchen, preventing disease and promoting health is easy.

Harmony in Healing


How to apply the basics.  The individualized behavior and diet that brings balance. 

Global Traditions Agree!



Anaerobic/Anabolic Dominance

Deficient Oxidation



Loss of organization(balance) of the bodies' morphogenic field.  Loss of the integrity of the ANS (autonomic nervous system) to relate to the SNS(sympathetic nervous system) harmoniously.  Caused by excess stress of all kinds,and bad energy( from people, places, dreams, visions, emotions, and events, or bad energetic reaction to the same..



Catabolic/Dysaerobic Dominance

Excess Oxidation

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Integrative Traditional Medicine

123 Margaret Lane, Grass Valley, California 95945, United States

(530) 812-2566

Teaching Activities

Accredited Instruction in Sowa Rigpa Root Tantra, and external therapies certified through Sorig Khang International.

Douglas Gunasilan deBecker, Integrative Medicine book, Natural remedy book, indigenous medicine book

"The Principle of Harmony in Healing is a pioneering work that reveals many surprising links between the indigenous medical traditions of antiquity, suggesting that the world’s oldest medical systems were likely conjoined or coordinated across the planet in ancient times. This captivating book not only unearths the forgotten role of harmony between patient and healer, but also exposes innumerable other startling connections among the ancient cultures that emphasized such a harmony in their medicine. How is the Hindu god Brahma, and his consort Saraswati, linked with the Hebrew luminary Abrahm, and his wife Sara? How is the Hindu Kush mountain range related to the Land of Kush along the Blue Nile in Ethiopia? Sowa Rigpa—the indigenous medicine of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, and Himalayan regions of India—fused many ancient medical traditions together in a unified system that has not only benefited countless patients throughout history, but also exhibits many key characteristics of the other medical traditions that thrived in distant parts of the world in past millennia, including Mesoamerica and Indonesia. How and why did these traditions come to have such an uncanny resemblance in an era when they are not believed to have developed any contact with each other? Is there a connection between the Amchi shamans of the Himalayas and the Hampchi healers of the Andes? These are just a few of the alluring questions covered in deBecker’s ground-breaking work, The Principle of Harmony in Healing."

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goal in producing an educational institute to support indigenous medical traditions and their exposure to the general public..  Your generous donation will fund our mission.  For every donation over $100.00 we will send a free copy of Principle of Harmony in Healing, Unity in the Mystery and History of Medicine Thank You.

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